Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle Wiki

The floors of Claustrophobia's dungeons are littered with 'treasures', handed down through the ages by those who filled their packs too greedily. Claustrophobia's items can be broken down into categories, which are listed below. While collectables stay the same throughout your travels (assuming you can find them again) all of the equippable gear is randomly generated, and so pages do not exist for it.

Crafting Materials[]

Crafting Materials

  • Wood Wood
  • Copperore Copper Ore
  • Ironore Iron Ore
  • Silverore Silver Ore
  • Goldore Gold Ore
  • Copperbar Copper Bar
  • Ironbar Iron Bar
  • Silverbar Silver Bar
  • Goldbar Gold Bar
  • Leather1 Plain Leather
  • Leather2 Tough Leather
  • Leather3 Cured Leather
  • Leather4 Wild Bestial Leather
  • Cloth1 Course Cloth
  • Cloth2 Wool Cloth
  • Cloth3 Magical Cloth
  • Cloth4 Ethereal Cloth
  • String Weak String
  • String Strong String
  • String Superior String
  • String Kevlar String
  • Crystal1 Drained Crystal
  • Crystal2 Lovely Crystal
  • Crystal3 Flamboyant Crystal
  • Crystal4 Almighty String
  • Potionempty Empty Potion Bottle
  • Mushroom1 Red Mushroom
  • Mushroom2 Blue Mushroom
  • Gunge Unidentified Gunge



  • Potionheal1 Minor Health Potion
  • Potionheal2 Average Health Potion
  • Potionheal3 Major Health Potion
  • Potionheal4 Elitist Health Potion
  • Potionmana1 Minor Mana Potion
  • Potionmana2 Average Mana Potion
  • Potionmana3 Major Mana Potion
  • Potionmana4 Elitist Mana Potion
  • Bandage Bandage
  • Potionburn Potion of Burns
  • Potionrand ??? Potion
  • Potioninvis Invisibility Potion